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Supporting Career Women through Coaching and Leadership Training

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Nurturing career aspirations

Women’s Leadership Footprint is a Coaching Practice and Leadership Development Firm that supports women in leadership through coaching and leadership training to develop their leadership capacities so that they can be more effective and impactful in their roles or spaces they occupy.

To nurture women’s career aspirations and support them to create powerful legacies

Our Mission

To develop women leaders through the coaching and mentoring approach to equip them with leadership skills that enhance and galvanise their leadership disposition in order to become more effective and impactful in the spaces they occupy.

Our Vision

To be the leading and preferred coaching and mentoring practice and advisory service provider in Malawi that facilitates the cultivation and embedment of a coaching and mentoring culture for women in leadership in organisations, business and enterprises, political space and communities.

We strive to bring out the best in you.

Welcome to Women’s Leadership Footprint. If you are a woman looking to start, build or enhance your career; improve and grow in your leadership journey; review and reinvent yourself in your career or as a leader; or just have the desire to be impactful as you walk your career and/or leadership journey, this is the right place for you. 

Our Programmes

Women's Leadership Footprint caters for women who have a desire to grow, learn and expand their horizons in their careers and leadership so that they can be more effective and impactful in their roles or spaces they occupy.

The Alpha Woman Professional

This programme supports women professionals through a thorough process that gets them to work out the intricacies of the unique challenges they face, gain clarity and understanding of strategies that must be crafted and be able to crystalize the bigger picture of their career trajectories, in their quest to succeed.

Woman Leader as a Coach and Mentor

This programme supports rising and established women leaders who are responsible for groups or teams in their spaces and seek to use the powerful human capital approaches of coaching and mentoring to bring out the best in their team members so that they can maximize their potential and ultimately achieve better results for their teams while contributing to the overall organizational effectiveness.

Personal and Professional Branding

Through a workshopping approach, groups of women leaders get to extract their personal and professional worth by taking stock of their accomplishments and transferable skills and what they contribute to their organizations through their work and subsequently repackage their value proposition and showcase this in their marketing pieces such as resumes, endorsements and elevator pitches.

Women on Board

Through the one-to-one coaching approach, women leaders are taken through a robust coaching journey with an outcome that solidifies their standing as credible board members that bring meaningful and significant value to the table.

Through her coaching program, Tamala helped me to define my personal vision and goals as a leader and a strategy on how to achieve that. She helped me to become more reflective of my circumstances and more self-aware through her thought-provoking questions.
Marlen Chawani, PhD.
Researcher at Malawi-Liverpool-Wellcome Trust, College of Medicine Health Economics & Policy Unit.

Upcoming Events

job readiness bootcamp

Wednesday 15th September 2021

Boot camp for new female college graduates and those who have newly joined the workforce


Unit 29, Upper Floor, JAD Complex, Area 47/Sector 1

Wednesday 6th October 2021

Online workshop for mid-level career review for women leaders


Wednesday 10th November 2021, 6:00 PM

Online training for transitioning women leaders (marriage, motherhood, empty nesters, etc)


Saturday 18th December 2021

Online workshop for CV rewriting to gear up for the new year


We're helping women grow stronger every day.

Through one on one and group coaching sessions, as well as trainings, workshops, boot camps, facilitation and mentoring, we work with women to figure out a myriad of their career and leadership journey issues and challenges as they seek to advance in their careers. We nurture their career aspirations and support them to crystalise the key and critical pieces of developing powerful and lasting legacies.