About WLF

Women’s Leadership Footprint is a Coaching Practice and Leadership Development Firm that supports women in leadership through coaching and leadership training to develop their leadership capacities so that they can be more effective and impactful in their roles or spaces they occupy.

Through group and one on one coaching sessions we work with women leaders to figure out a myriad of their career and leadership journey issues and challenges as they seek to advance in their careers. We nurture their career aspirations and support them to crystalise the key and critical pieces of developing powerful and lasting legacies.

We work with women across sectors and industries i.e. women executives in corporates, women in politics, women in business, women in communities and women in the non-profit sector who are at different stages of their career, leadership and life journeys.

We deliver customised leadership development programmes such as leadership training workshops that aim to address their unique and specific challenges to enhance and galvanise their leadership dispositions. Through these programmes, women leaders learn about leadership concepts and theories that they can apply in their leadership practice. Cutting edge thought leadership, insights and perspectives are shared in a safe learning space that empowers them to tell their leadership stories for the benefit of individual learning groups. Through peer learning and sharing, women leaders develop strong bonds and networks that they leverage as robust support systems and structures that aid in the sustainance of the successes they register in their leadership practice.

Leadership Team

Tamala Chirwa

Founder and Lead Coach

Tamala Chirwa is an International Coach Federation (ICF) Credentialed Associate Certified Coach specializing in Executive Leadership and Group and Team Coaching.  She is a Certified DISC Practitioner, Corporate Trainer/Leadership Consultant.  She has an MBA from MANCOSA, ACCA Diploma in Financial Management and a Post-Graduate Management Certificate from University of Cape Town Graduate School of Business.


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Bertha Nibatete

Consultant CEO and Associate Coach

Bertha Nibatete is a certified professional coach specializing in leadership, group, and individual coaching. She is an Organisational Culture Strategist, Policy Development and Change Management Specialist, as well as a Leadership Trainer and Facilitator. Her education background includes a PG Diploma in Public Policy and Management from University of York, UK, and BA (Social Sciences) in Social Administration from Makerere University, Uganda. She has trained in Managing Change and Growth for Organisational Leaders, Culture and Leadership, Human Resource Management, Customer Service Excellence and Performance, Project Management and Trade and Investment Promotion.

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Wanangwa Chinthiti

Programme Associate

Wanangwa is a seasoned Programme Assistant with over 18 years of experience in the field with extensive expertise in administrative tasks including scheduling and correspondence.  Having held positions in the Agricultural, Health, Business and Education sectors, Wanangwa is able to tailor her skills to meet the needs of various clients.  She has increased her efficiency over the years through her various roles especially Data Management Systems.


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Our Guiding Principles

  • Women leaders almost always, need a solid support structure and sounding board to figure out their career and leadership issues in order to stay on course their leadership trajectories;
  • Women leaders have untapped potential that can be capitalised on to drive business strategies and the generation of practical and sustainable solutions to societal challenges;
  • Women leaders’ aspirations and ambitions should be consistently nurtured as they seek self-actualisation and meaning in their lives;
  • Women leaders’ learning cycle should be continuous and most times done in a tailor made manner for maximum impact because traditional training methods may not fully satisfy their thirst for knowledge and desire to enhance their business and leadership skills;
  • Established women leaders should support rising and emerging women in building a critical mass to create a ripple effect in facilitating social change and improvement of lives in communities, advancement of careers and contributing towards organisational effectiveness in business.

Our Core Values


We adhere to the International Coach Federation professional standards, ethics framework and core competencies for optimum service delivery


The bedrock of all our engagements with clients and other stakeholders in the coaching, mentoring and women in leadership space and the market is our consistent disposition to always do the right thing even if it means walking away from business leads that compromise our core values


We strive to deliver all our services to and interactions with clients whilst bringing our best skills and credentials to the fore, with the utmost care and high standards in order to meet and exceed our clients’ expectations


Our orientation towards all our programs is to serve and meet the needs of our clients without compromising their overall purpose of engaging with us


We align all our efforts to serve our clients with the ultimate goal of the best outcomes for all our programs and activities so as to add meaningful value to our clients’ lives


We attach strategic value, importance and meaning to all our engagements in order to remain focused and in sync with our agenda of supporting women professionals and businesswomen

Our Philisophy

We are persuaded that people, especially women, succeed in life, business or workplace with the help and support of others.  People who reach amazing levels of self-actualisation are usually supported by credible, trustworthy individuals who have their best interests at heart and advocate for their success.  This support is usually given behind the scenes.

As a coaching and mentoring practice, we wear multiple hats of being a sounding board, cheerleader, advocate, gladiator, accountability partner for people who have a fierce desire to make a huge dent or mark in the spaces they occupy and leave behind powerful legacies.

We seek meaning and significance in all the activities we engage ourselves in to bring positive impact in the lives and careers of all the professionals that we work with.

We remain steadfast and focused in incrementally contributing towards the coaching and mentoring agenda in Africa.

We're helping women grow stronger every day.

Through one on one and group coaching sessions, as well as trainings, workshops, boot camps, facilitation and mentoring, we work with women to figure out a myriad of their career and leadership journey issues and challenges as they seek to advance in their careers. We nurture their career aspirations and support them to crystalise the key and critical pieces of developing powerful and lasting legacies