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The Alpha Woman Professional

The expectations for high performance in 21st century women leaders in the workplace continue to rise in a business environment that is volatile, uncertain, complex, and ambiguous.  The pressure is always on to outperform others and gain the visibility for consideration to fill the pipeline of leadership succession planning within the workplace. This programme supports women professionals through a thorough process that gets them to work out the intricacies of the unique challenges they face, gain clarity and understanding of strategies that must be crafted and crystalize the bigger picture of their career trajectories, in their quest to succeed.

Woman Leader as a Coach and Mentor

Coaching and mentoring are powerful leadership tools that are utilized by leaders who want to unlock the potential of their team members. This programme supports rising and established women leaders who are responsible for groups or teams in their spaces and seek to use the powerful human capital approaches of coaching and mentoring to bring out the best in their team members so that they can maximize their potential and ultimately achieve better results for their teams and contribute to the overall organizational effectiveness.  Women leaders are equipped with strategic coaching and mentoring skills and learn the International Coach Federation Core Coaching Competencies and Code of Ethics as per the International Coach Federation and apply and adopt these as part of their leadership practice.  

Personal and Professional Branding

This is an imperative programme for women leaders who seek to stitch and string together powerful and compelling narratives that showcase who they are, what they are about and the value proposition they bring in their spaces that set them apart from the packs.  Through a workshopping approach, groups of women leaders get to extract their personal and professional worth by taking stock of their accomplishments and transferable skills and what they contribute to their organizations through their work and subsequently repackage their value proposition and showcase this in their marketing pieces such as resumes, endorsements, elevator pitches.  They then unveil, champion, and promote their new brands to the job market within or outside their organizations and to their professional stakeholders.  

Women on Board

As more and more women across sectors are invited to sit at the table as members of the board in organizations, it has become imperative to galvanize their board leadership and engagement readiness to ensure that their voices are heard, that they are not ignored in conversation, their thoughts and ideas are considered when working out strategic issues for organizations at board level. Through the one-to-one coaching approach, women leaders are taken through a robust coaching journey with an outcome that solidifies their standing as credible board members that bring meaningful and significant value to the table. 

Mid-Career Review

When one has done the same thing, been in the same position or same organization for long, they hit a plateau in their careers and there is need to re-evaluate. This programme supports women professionals that are at crossroads or have hit a plateau or stagnation point in their careers and are considering career reinvention or wish to transition into other specializations or sectors.  It seeks to reenergize the professionals to revisit their passions, talent, competencies and align them to their most authentic aspirations and life purpose which helps them to reframe their world for a more focused career and leadership advancement to achieve optimum success and fulfilment. 

CV Rewriting

A properly constructed and persuasively written Curriculum Vitae (CV) is a powerful tool that makes the difference to set a first impression when applying for that dream job, seeking a new role in the same company, and pursuing new growth opportunities. This programme supports women who are looking to seek new challenges, change careers and find new opportunities.  Executives are equipped with skills to know their Unique Selling Point (USP), present their value proposition, prepare for performance reviews, prepare for interviews and promotions, pitch to investors and position themselves for high level projects They are equipped with skills to package their personal and professional worth.

New Job Coaching

This programme supports women executives who assume new managerial or leadership roles and seek to make a mark in their space within the first 90 days.  The objective of the program is to equip the women executives with mission critical skills such as navigating organizational politics, relationship building, decision making, networking, conflict management, communicating with impact and influence – skills that will anchor them in their new positions to swiftly gain credibility and respect from peers, direct reports and supervisors and set the tone for their tenures.  

Reinvent After Retirement

When one retires, it does not mean that they stop dreaming, aspiring, or making contributions to the world, rather a time to reinvent and redefine oneself. This program supports retired women who are seeking to reinvent themselves and create a better-future version of themselves, that embraces change and is determined to live a fulfilling life by focusing on what they are interested in and passionate about doing, going forward. Through the one-to-one coaching approach, retired women are taken through a coaching journey of identifying the one thing that they are passionate about and would like to focus on and fill their time with as they live a happy healthy life. 

Legacy Program

With today’s busy lives and challenges to work through, it is sometimes difficult to slow down and take stock of what contributions and impact one has made during their journey so far. This programme supports established women leaders to map out the impact and contribution they are making in the space they have anchored themselves in for a long period of time in order to make some tweaks and adjustments to refine and crystalize the line of sight (vision) they have for their legacies. This will help them to consolidate from any point of their leadership trajectory and bolster their standing as transformational and inspirational leaders that deliver value and impact to their communities, beyond income.  

Career Coaching

This programme supports young and career changing women who are in the process of deciding on what career suits them the best and they will flourish in. They want to make and implement informed educational and occupational choices related to the labour market changes and complexity of the workplace and maximise their career opportunities. The coaching programme will broaden their knowledge about the job market, develop their ability to scan the job market and industries, improve their decision-making skills, increase their self-esteem and motivation, and build their interpersonal skills effectiveness. They will acquire the knowledge, skills, and experience necessary to identify options, explore alternatives and succeed in society.

Job Readiness Boot camp

The emerging women leaders fresh out of tertiary education institutions need support while going through a process of figuring out the requirements of their respective specializations and how they can get their feet in the doors of organizations they would like to fit in based on their aspirations.  This program helps them work through the different marketing documents that they need to compile and present to prospective employers and learn specific skills such as personal leadership, interview preparation and management, negotiating for compensation package, business etiquette, how to navigate organizational politics and relationship building and management.  These skills give them a head start to put their best feet forward as they join the workforce.  

How we deliver our Programmes

  1. Group Coaching
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  3. Individual Coaching
  4. Mentoring
  5. Boot Camp
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  7. Facilitation

We're helping women grow stronger every day.

Through one on one and group coaching sessions, as well as trainings, workshops, boot camps, facilitation and mentoring, we work with women to figure out a myriad of their career and leadership journey issues and challenges as they seek to advance in their careers. We nurture their career aspirations and support them to crystalise the key and critical pieces of developing powerful and lasting legacies.